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Mike Dugan

Jolene Adams


“A smart, thoughtful and brutally honest recounting of one man's personal journey to emotional maturity.
I sat forward in my chair and hung on every word … a riveting storytelling experience …
you'll likely ponder many of its passages long after you leave.”  
- Encore Michigan  

"A Funny, Incisive, One Man Journey to Enlightenment!"  

-  San Francisco Bay Times

"Hilarious and meaningful.

  A lot of fun and a lot of Truth."

- Marianne Williamson

"Hilarious, Profound, Important."

- Ben Vereen

"Men Fake Foreplay needs

to fly across America and

abroad and be translated

into many languages."

- Amy Smart, Actor/Activist

"Mike Dugan wields smart

 comedy against today's

cultural hypocrisies much

as Lenny Bruce did in the

 60's. Dugan is definitely

worth seeing.”

- John Magnuson - Producer/Director
'The Lenny Bruce Performance Film'

"Genuinely intelligent and

 thought provoking."

- Chortle.co.uk


Chivalry isn't dead. It's on life support.

Emmy® winning writer and comedian Mike Dugan's
"Men Fake Foreplay" is a hilarious and engaging look
at the trials and errors encountered along the road
to becoming a man in a ‘boys will be boys’ world.

"Filled with funny

and philosophical insights - 

 Dugan's take goes far beyond

 yuks about leaving the

toilet seat up.

- Washington Post

"His keen observations

of social norms and

hypocrisies call to mind

George Carlin. Like

Carlin, Dugan has a

first class mind with

an R-rated vocabulary."

- In The Spotlight

"Flawless. Charismatic.

 Painstakingly well written."

- Time Out London

"Witty. Dry. Sweetly self-

deprecating. His g

 philosophising really

draws you in.

- The Scotsman
, Edinburgh

"A thoughtful, well reasoned, hysterically funny, occasionally profane and consistently entertaining
treatise on what men do, why they do it, and what can be done to stop it."
    - Auburn Citizen

"Gives us all hope that maybe one day we'll be able to behave a little better towards the opposite sex."

- Mayfair News London


 Book now available on Kindle!   $3.99   http://amzn.to/1jUIjgB