Ten thousand books tell women they need to change.  Now it's his turn.

"Hilarious and meaningful!  A lot of fun and a lot of Truth!"  - Marianne Williamson

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Linda Strassberg, KTKK Radio ...

"Over the last thirteen years that I have been on the radio there have only been
a few books that have stood out; that can change your life. Mike Dugan's Men Fake Foreplay  is one of those books."
Sandra Yee, Ambassador, Fresh Start Womenís Foundation ...

"Men Fake Foreplay is one of the best male-female relationship books I have ever read.  This is the book to give to your brother, guy friend, or male co-worker who doesnít ďget itĒ when it comes to treating women with respect. This is also the book to give to your girlfriends who allow men to treat them this way. The bookís hilarious laughs contain a serious message about the way our consumer culture encourages irresponsible sexual behavior in men and offensive behavior against women.  Itís a call for social consciousness in simple, funny language, all the more amazing because itís a man challenging men to grow up, take responsibility, and protect the innocence of our children. This book will have you laughing out loud while learning to demand more intimate, fulfilling relationships in your life.  It will also restore your faith in the goodness of men. 


"Based on Duganís comedy performance of the same name, this quick little look at menís role in the battle of the sexes actually offers more than funny vignettes and witty one-liners. After admitting his emotional shortcomings ("I donít have a lot of relationship skills because all of my training is in casual sex") and his domestic failures ("Iíve done my laundry in shampoo"), Dugan takes on such issues as communication and commitment in a tone that is both friendly and frank ("I believe that owning a dick entitles me to nothing but a responsibility to govern it"). Going along his observational comedy way, he takes shots at what he sees as the hypocrisies of Howard Stern and relationship guru John Gray and bemoans the fact that some teenage boys get their sexual education from pornography because "adult males have abdicated their responsibility to represent alternatives."   A comic on stage and a moralist at heart, Dugan wants to help men "to somehow reconcile a naturally unwieldy sex drive with a sense of responsibility to those we love." The result is an enjoyable effort that harks back to the Golden Rule: "the measure of a man will be found in how he treats others."
Rebecca Johnson, TheRebeccaReview.com ...

ďThere is a deep, penetrating intimacy throughout this work.  While this book is also wildly funny, I laughed my way right into an understanding of some profound male wisdom Ö Like a true comedian, he entertains you with jokes and then once he has your attention and respect, there is a place to discuss
communication, feelings, and sexual ethics.Ē       (full review below)
Brian Douthit, Author of "Perfectly Said: When Words Become Art" ...

"Mike Dugan delivers his mature and personal message about becoming the right kind of man with what is often knee-slapping, belly-rolling, and even telephone-your-friends-and-pretend-you-made-it-up-yourself, comedy. With this great little book, Dugan points mankind to the next level of social evolution. Every man should own a copy of this book, and then he should pass it along to his sons."
Liz Funk, Author, "Supergirls Speak Out" ...

ďMen Fake Foreplay is a comedic, yet intriguingly feminist analysis of menís
idiosyncrasies, quirks, and, well, misogynistic thought patterns.  While the true humor of this book canít be related on the website of a family newspaper,
I recommend  everyone go out and read this book for some palatable feminist
theory and dirty jokes that will make you double over in pain from laughter Ö
Dugan, an Emmy Award winning comedian, discusses everything from how the
Catholic church equates exploring sexuality to guilt (he discusses how his Sunday school teacher called masturbation ďself abuseĒ), to why men love lingerie, to why itís important to fundamentally respect women. Dugan has the witty humor of Ray Romano, with the dry youthfulness of Dane Cook, but the book made me laugh harder than I did watching Date Movie.  Iíve made two of my non-feminist friends read it thus far, and both agree that the book is hilarious and important Ö Itís a solid, yet palatable beginner text on egalitarian relationships for men and women alike. I would recommend it to my friends and family who might not totally appreciate reading Ariel Levy or Susan Brownmiller, but want some solid information on feminism.Ē


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"I have had the deep pleasure of personally handing "Men Fake Foreplay" to everyone from Norman Lear to Joan Collins, Marianne Williamson to Paula Abdul ~ in their homes mind you ~ I find it's so much better than
a bottle of wine!"
- Jimmy Demers




Rebecca Johnson
Top 10 Amazon Reviewer

Passionately Honest 

"Ultimately, the forces outside of us have little significance other than being a distraction.
If men look to an illusionary outside world for answers, we will continue to get illusionary
answers. There are challenges we need to face, alone in the dark, to learn to channel
our strengths."  ~ Mike Dugan

Mike Dugan reveals all the challenges he faced in the past and how he thought his way
into an intimate and fulfilling relationship by taking an honest look at male sexuality.
He takes on the lone wolf, the dragon and the problems of antisocial behavior.
"Men Fake Foreplay" is an honest look at male sexuality. This book will not only
lead men to deeply fulfilling and profound spiritual moments, women will find the
insights and understanding to be intellectually satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.
It is rare for a wildly funny book to also steal my heart.

Mike Dugan succeeds where many fear to even begin. There is insight into why women
don't want you to change who you are, but instead want you to become more aware
of who you are.  He asks: "Where are the gentlemen?"

Through a variety of intellectually intriguing examples, Mike Dugan shows the need for
male role models in our society. I loved the story of the elephants and his comments
about defeating inner dragons. This book is not just an analysis of the male/female 
connection; it is more an analysis of how men connect with their deepest self.

Mike Dugan reveals how a boy becomes a man and explores the choices a man makes
once he takes on the responsibility of caring for the women in his life.  There is a
deep, penetrating intimacy throughout this work. While this book is also wildly funny,
I laughed my way right into an understanding of some profound male wisdom.

One of the best lines in this book: "A man's power should be wielded compassionately."  
Like a true comedian, he entertains you with a few jokes and then once he has your
attention and respect, there is a place to discuss communication, feelings and sexual ethics.

It took me a few minutes to get through the last two pages. I couldn't see the words.
This is what I wanted from all the men in my life.  I want to feel safe and nurtured.
I want there to be safe places in my life where I'm loved as a soul.