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Mike Dugan

Jolene Adams


Thanks to everyone for Men Fake Foreplay's success and great word of mouth!
• City Stage Springfield MA • Stadium Theatre Woonsocket RI • Colonial Theatre Pittsfield MA • Meyer Theatre Green Bay WI •
• Regent Theatre Los Angeles • Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield CT • Victoria Theatre Dayton OH • The Palace Albany NY •
• Capitol Center Concord NH • Keswick Theatre Philadelphia PA • Tarrytown Music Hall NY • State Theater Easton PA •
  •  Harmony Gold Theatre Hollywood • Granville Island Stage Vancouver BC •


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It’s not about sex. A simple look at ‘foreplay’ quickly shifts into a humorous and insightful tour
of the male psyche as Emmy Award-winning writer and Tonight Show comedian Mike Dugan takes unflinching comedic aim at the cultural influences that shape a man’s character. Delivered in a style The Scotsman describes as “Woody Allen meets Jimmy Stewart”, his observations reveal devastatingly accurate secrets about the male thought process that some men might be happier kept quiet. Dugan’s approach is more Magellan than Benedict Arnold however, and his exploration of men’s relationships with women isa surprisingly compassionate and ultimately hopeful assessment of the trials and errors encountered along the road to becoming a man in today’s ‘boys will be boys’ world.

“Reveals the hilariously twisted inner-workings of men’s sexual minds, including the
reasoning behind their fear of commitment and their odd sexual ethics.” – Playgirl