"He talks relationships and intimacy, sex and cheating ...
his gentle philosophising really drawing you in."


“If enough women go to see this show, Mike Dugan
could be the most laid man on the Fringe.  He talks relationships and intimacy, sex and cheating and he
does it in sort of a Woody Allen meets Jimmy Stewart kind of a way, his gentle philosophising really drawing you in. He is witty, dry and sweetly self deprecating.  Whether you want to see a considered intelligent show, be assured that nice guys do exist, or just get some ideas for charming a woman into your bed, this show
is well worth staying sober till midnight to enjoy.” 
- Kate Copstick

 Dugan proves himself a cut above the crowd. There are truly great lines here, as well as genuinely intelligent
and thought-provoking ideas on men's attitudes towards
sex and relationships.  His analysis on every aspect of
the subject, from lap dance clubs to marriage, reveals devastatingly accurate secrets about the male thought process that we'd be happier kept quiet - all punctuated with spot on jokes.
- Steve Bennett - Chortle UK


Mike Dugan tells jokes for the New Man generation. This is humour for men who care,  for men 
who know  women are oppressed and for whom political correctness is not a term of abuse.  And it works.  Having overcome the obvious problem of taking an alpha-male stance by standing up on stage and demanding attention for an hour, he has the wit and skill to make his quite serious point in a highly amusing manner. The great danger in such a technique would be to become overly smug and self-satisfied that  he has learned how to massage feet and listen to his partners in an age when strip joint have become" gentlemen's clubs", porn is a key-stroke away and drive-by relationships are the norm, not the province of depraved philanderers. But Dugan is self-deprecating enough to bring his audience with him, without making them feel guilty or contemptuous.  The observation that all heterosexual men's relationships with women are a form of foreplay is both well made and
very funny in its telling. 
- Thom Dibdin




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